Why choose a CTCSTORES.CA email account?

Branding: CTCSTORES.CA provides a company email address as opposed to a free account from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

It provides the ability to synchronize contacts, calendar and email between multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.) instantly.


Since this is a paid service Google has eliminated the ads which also means they aren’t scanning your emails in order to market to you.

CTCSTORE.CA uses TLS encryption which protects emails in transit. This is not supported by most free email accounts or those provided by your ISP.

Hack and Access Protection: If your account is hacked, as soon as this is detected your account is locked. You can also have your account locked or a password reset sent at any time with a quick email to [email protected] or by calling 1-877-700-3112. Furthermore, if you lose access to your account Nerds On Site can easily recover that account for you. With free accounts, regaining access is often