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The speed with which my Nerd responds to my concerns is excellent.

Canadian Tire Associate Store #462

TimeWellScheduled saves our store 2 days of work each week on payroll. Before I had a phone number here, a note there, now I keep all my information in one place. Previously managers would approve hours once a week, now they do it daily. TimeWellScheduled is more beneficial for the department managers because they get to see exactly what’s happening in their departments with regard to their staff coming and going… The information it holds is much more valuable than the old system. The ensures timecards are accurate and reduces the followup needed by administration. TimeWellScheduled is a great system… Proactive is the best way I can describe it.
John Baxter

General Manager, Canadian Tire Store #425

I am very happy with my new service as well as the service I received from you and the entire team.  Thank you so much.

 I will review everything you just sent me later today and I will be in touch ASAP.

As you know I am in Toronto in committee meetings all week, so I have been telling every dealer I can about what you have done for me and that they need to reach out to you and the team to get set up.



Dealer , Canadian Tire Store #098


For over 11 years, Nerds On Site has enjoyed developing a significant number of Canadian Tire Dealer relationships across Canada. The feedback our team receives is often that our Canadian Tire partners are able to identify with our team very well because we as Nerds are all independent business owners, with a model not too different from Canadian Tire and Dealers.

Nerds On Site has developed a number of technologies to help increase the productivity, profitability and pleasure at any Canadian Tire Store, no matter their size.  Explore our website to learn more about our Standard Dealer Network solution, as well as solutions aimed at increasing physical store security, store time management and marketing tools, as well as a la carte services.

Phone Systems and Support

Maximizing existing infrastructure.


Time and Attendance Software Employee time management and scheduling solutions.

Security Systems

Security, surveillance and remote monitoring solutions.

Standard Dealership Network

The Standard Dealership Network is an exciting joint project between the Canadian Tire Dealers Association and Nerds On Site in an effort to bring Canadian Tire Stores point of sale and inventory systems up to speed! This project will take the old, single function system out and bring an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly system in. This new multi functional system will allow information to flow freely between users and also allows communication externally and through corporate channels as well.    More…

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